Without Love

"Without Love" was the first video done for the Notes From The Lost Civilization CD on What?/A&M. c.1988. Directed by Cary Gries. Lots of good, clean fun-with-helicopters at the "Cabazon Monsters" on Interstate 10 near Palm Springs. I had seen those things being built in the mid-'60s when my family moved to Palm Desert. I remember when the Brontosaurus was just a steel skeleton; T-Rex wasn't completed 'till the early '70s. There was one way-old-school coffee shop there. Now it's buried in Burger Kings, etc. You can't even see it from the freeway if you're not looking carefully. Yes, Pee Wee was there.

City Life

This one was my favorite "production." As in Linda K. and I "produced it." I conceptualized and I suppose you could say "scripted" it, though there really wasn't a script. Mark Streepy, ace professional Hollywood camera man (Raising Arizona, Ed Wood, etc.) shot it. Linda K. and I did the editing. Had a blast; still enjoy seeing it now and then.

We Walk On

The lyric should probably go on my tombstone--along with the Woody Allen quote, "My only regret in life is that I wasn't someone else." Mark Streepy shot the studio stuff of me singing/playing, Linda K. conceptualized, directed and shot most of the street scenes. Linda and I edited it.