Mercado Mundial

Welcome to the warehouse.
I've always thought it would be cool to have a place called The Right Stuff.
Sort of a combination coffee, antique and thrift shop wherein (like at Alice's Restaurant) you could get anything you want.
Everything would be cool and everything would be for sale.
You like cappuccino? Got it. Hungry for a tuna sandwich? On wheat, rye or sourdough?
Like that painting on the wall next to your table? It's for sale.
Like that 70 year old Mexican cane-bottom cafe chair (hand made with a machete, from the look of it) you're sitting in? $100.
What? That's a very cool shirt I'm wearing? It's an original Jamaica Jaxx, hand carved square coconut buttons.
$40 and I'll take it off and wrap it up for you.

You get the picture.
Well, it's never gonna happen.
I've always marveled at how non-English speaking immigrants (Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Armenian, whatever) 
manage to start businesses (restaurants, mini-marts, crime syndicates, whatever) in "Amerika, Amerika!."
I wouldn't/don't have a clue how to start a business, let alone the ambition/stamina to run one.
Some of my merchant/manufacturer uncles, over the years have asked me how my "business" was doing.
I assume they meant my song writing; I laughed.
But, with this new "internet" thing, I hear you can actually sell stuff without doing anything. Well, a few clicks and things.
(If anyone actually buys anything, I'll hire some kid to be my "shipping clerk.")

So, out of my various storage facilities
(archival, temperature controlled film storage in Burbank and regular Mayflower storage in Santa Fe Springs, wherever that is)
and from the bounty of my home, which looks like a cross between a Mexican gift shop, antique store and library,
I offer for sale the following items I no longer have room for or interest in: